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Businesses in general, small and medium enterprises and non-profit organisations in particular, often face the challenge of getting their organisation, cause or product profiled in the media without paying for expensive advertorial or advertisement space.

While buying space will guarantee you a platform to get your message across the way you want to, editorial space in news articles/reports is generally more credible and has more impact.
How To Get Quoted In The Media will show you what to do to initiate and improve your media relationships and increase your media coverage. 

Why You Should Buy The Book

    Written by two former journalists Damaria Senne and Christelle Du Toit, How To Get Quoted In The Media will help you to build a mutually beneficial relationship with the benefit, where you become a trusted source in your industry. This means that you will not only be able to publish your current story but build a foundation to make future story pitches an easier sell.

    Journalists, like most professionals, have targets to meet; usually relating to the number of stories they do per day/week. 
    Giving them strong stories is the best way to get them on your side. Building a relationship also means that when they do a story related to your business, they are likely to remember you and phone you for a quote on the issue at hand. 
     As for the price, imagine that you had hired a PR consultant to help you to publicise your company, product or services. We both know that the hourly rate would be very steep. By comparison, How To Get Quoted In The Media is is a give-away at $1.99.  


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