Monday, December 10, 2007

The morning after

She cooks bacon and eggs for breakfast
A special treat for the family
He hugs and kisses her
Thanks her for a nice meal.

A pretty picture they paint
I can almost forget
The sound of his fist on her face
Her body crashing on the cupboard
With a thud

The shouts and insults of the night before
The taste of fear and shame
At his rage ......

"Niki hurry up!"
My friend Anna calls from the door
"The principal will make us clean the yard
If we’re late for school."

I grab my bag
Feet pounding and breath heaving
Anna and I run to get to school on time

No matter how fast, I run
I cannot escape
The sound of my father’s fist
On my mother’s face
Her body crashing onto the cupboard
With a thud