Monday, April 09, 2007

Deaf and blind

I lie on my bed, curtains drawn, blankets over me
Pretending to be asleep, trying not to make a sound
She calls my name, asks me if I’m alright
I have to talk to you, she says
Your brother is ok

Trapped in horror and shame
I want to shout, rage and ask her:
How could you let him hurt your son like that?
Will you let him hit me like that?

I am too afraid to say it
Because I know she is as helpless as we are
Fears him as we do, loves him as we do
Our dear father

I am invisible, I am spellbound
As he hits and kicks, shouts and swears
Deaf and blind to my brother’s pleas
Mesmerized by the violence and the blood

As quickly as it begun, it ends
Mama comes to life, rushes to her my brother’s side
I am so sorry, she cries
Hugging him, wiping the tears and blood
I am invisible to them both

Shattered by fear and guilt
The bitter taste of shame on my tongue
I slink off to my room
Under the dark of blankets
My world of quiet and peace

Are you okay, Mama asks
But all I see is the look on her face,
While she wiped blood from my face
Smoothed cream on my aching body
That day not so long ago

Please, please, please, she begged
Don’t ever interfere again, try to be invisible
And whatever happens, do nothing, say nothing

I’m fine, I say
I don’t tell her, that I fear my turn will come again
He will slap, hit and kick, shout and swear at me
And all will be invisible, deaf and blind to my pleas


saba said...

well hi my name saba iam 16 i want to find out more about deaf-blind children please can you tell me about some thank you send it my email address

saba said...

please help me to learn

beth said...

Living deaf and bind is no life at all. The light always comes in and shows us the ugly reality. I found my way to the light 23 years after living deaf and blind to the violence. Wosre than that I was also mute to tell people the pain we were all in. all I wanted was to shout it out until some one heard me, someone save me! God brought me to the light to the truth. He not only gave me eyes to see the truth, ears to here sweet, sweet music. He took my hand taught me to dance in the light, and gave me a stong voice to shout out my victory over the ugy truth! Search out the light, open your eyes, ears, and your heart again you will find God there. shout it all out, live.

Euginia Herlihy said...

Hi Damaria my name is Euginia from King Williams's Town but I live in the UK now. I thought about this poem but I couldn't remember the title, I remembered it was based on the Amatola Berge, funny enough the first line of verse 3 Stil maar, stil maar babani/ first line of verse 8 Stil maar, stil maar pikanienie/ last line of the last verse, Tula-tula-stil my kind! always stuck in my mind all these years. I loved then and I still love it although Afrikaans is my second language my teacher did a good job to interpret to us. I agree with those who felt so emotional when they read it, that's what we felt in the class. It is a very moving poem and I thought it was based on the true story, I'm sure my teacher said that. Anyway thank you so much Damaria for sharing now I know the title and the author. Once again thank you for sharing. Be blessed.