Tuesday, September 07, 2010


The room is crammed to the rafters
With happy people
Laughing, chatting and dancing
Eating and drinking
Dressed in a beautiful, red dress
She's in the centre of it all
The life and soul of the party
"So why do I feel like an outsider?” she asks
I have no words to help her.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

By Agisanang Mokua

Yesterday I told you that
I love you
I told you that you are
My princess
Today, I am telling
You that you are my
I am telling you that
Life is nothing without you.
Tomorrow, I will tell you that
I care for you
I will tell you that I
Will never make you cry.
I will tell ou that
You are my moon
My stars
And my sun.
I will tell you that
You are the universe
I will tell you that
No mater what they say or do
I will always love you.
So yesterday, today and tomorrow
I will always love
So please don’t
Pass me by.
Because yesterday I loved you
Today I care for you
And tomorrow I will love
And care for you

Friday, May 08, 2009

A poem for my daughter

By Debbie Buckwalter (my sister)

Her heart smells of purity
Her smile full of gold
Her eyes nothing but true
And her greatness simple

She has a fierce love
Ferocious loyalty and a gentle soul
Her hands are like plush velvet
All soft-like and safe

She sees saints and hears angels
Says words that heal wounds
She dreams of paradise
Of an incessant peace

Her walk is brave
Her words, shy
Her will, precociously sure
She is stunning


By Debbie Buckwalter (my sister)

You sit alone and listen
The city speaks softly
The wind whispers to the night
Pleading, cajoling, making promises.

The sun has long waved goodbye
The night has embraced it
Taken far away to a safe haven
For a well-deserved rest.

They all speak, the stars
To the moon they murmur
Secret imaginings and requests
Never to be heard nor understood.

Dawn kisses the night softly
A red hue sits on the mountains
The voices of the city grow louder
As we collide with the world.


April is the time to prepare
For the coming winter
Time to clean falling leaves
Rake the yard and
Create mulch for the coming winter.

April is the time to
Take off the summer curtains
Wash and pack them away
Hang thick, winter curtains
Ready to cocoon in winter

April is the time to clean the house
Move furniture around
Scrub and wipe the summer sloth
Make the rooms cosier

April is a time to
Clean out the creative cobwebs
Create new tales and legends
To regale the children
Over weekend nights